25 HydroHealth 5 Gallons Water Jugs

It is our belief that the water jug containing 5 gallons (19 liters) of 25 HydroHealth, deuterium-depleted water should be the standard for forward thinking managers and modern offices.

NOTE: 5 and 3 gallons jugs are available only for orders in excess of 250 gallons

Because scientific studies proved that living indoors and daily exposure to radiations from electronic equipment and communication devices has a negative impact on the human body ability to neutralize deuterium, which is part of our cells, having a deuterium-depleted water source at hand, may greatly improve the state of health of the employees’.

Clients visiting your office may also appreciate a treat of 25 HydroHealth water. They may also appreciate your policy regarding the well being of your employees.

The 25 HydroHealth water jug achieves all that, but most importantly, helps you and the personell in your company live a healthy life.


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