25 HydroHealth Water, 500ml PET Bottle

25 HydroHealth Water, 500ml PET Bottle 1

25 HydroHealth Water, 500ml PET Bottle is our flaghsip product and it contains 1/4 of the daily dose required when you want to lower the deuterium content in your body at cellular level.

Many aspects of the modern life, like living indoors, processed foods and radiations from electronic devices (smartphones, WiFi, etc) pose a real threat to our bodies’ abilities to efficently neutralize the heavy element deuterium which is present in our cells.

Except living a healthy life outdoors and eat only organic foods, there is actually no way to stop deuterium from accumulating in our cells, except replacing plain water with 25 HydroHealth, which is deuterium-depleted water.


25 HydroHealth Water, 500ml PET Bottle 2
25 HydroHealth deuterium-depleted water / 500ml PET bottle

With only a small fraction of the deuterium found in naturally occuring water (25ppm as compared to 155ppm) our 25 HydroHealth extralight water keeps deuterium levels under control, allowing mithocondria, the nano-powerplants in our cells, to function at full capacity and play their role in keeping us young and healthy.

Premature aging, chronic and metabolical diseases are connected with the proper functioning of mithocondria, scientific studies reveal.

25 HydroHealth Water is pure science and advanced technologies apllied into the field of body hydration. If the perfect body hydration is the goal, there is actually no better solution than drinking 25 HydroHealth on a regular basis.


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