Beetroot Is Great For Your Health, But No So Much If Compared With Our Deuterium Depleted Water

Beetroot and beetroot based foods are nothing short of a miracle food these days. Part of the buzz comes from the fact that beetroot is one the foods with the lowest deuterium content. Low deuterium is good, high deuterium is bad, everybody knows that.

But did you know that our products have over times lower deuterium content tha beetroot?

Beetroot has 138 ppm deuterium content while 25 HydroHealth DDW has 25 ppm deueterium content. Over five times lower!

The lowest the deuterium content, the better for your health and well being. This is why we are commited not only to give you the lowest deuterium content water, but the best quality water.

Our DDW is THE ONLY DDW Made in the USA! This translates into the toughest certification standards and procedures in the world. And we pass this certifications with flying colors.

More than that, we test our DDW regularly, thru a thord party lab. This also means that you have acces to the highest quality DDW in the world.

So, yes, beetroot is good for you. But 25 HydroHealth DDW is best!


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