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Certified US Government Supplier



Hydro-Health DDW expands to the Vietnamese market in 2023

Good News! Starting 2023, the Vietnamese market will gain direct acces to our 25 HydroHealth DDW and 50 HydroHealth DDW. While we created a HydroHealth...

QLife Hydrogen Solution: The Perfect Addition To A HydroHealth DDW Based Lifestyle

This is excellent news! Now you can buy the amazing QLife - Hydrogen Water Making Equipments and Devices from our dedicatet QLIFE SHOP SECTION...

Beetroot Is Great For Your Health, But No So Much If Compared With Our Deuterium Depleted Water

Beetroot and beetroot based foods are nothing short of a miracle food these days. Part of the buzz comes from the fact that beetroot...

“IS THIS YOU?” Our New Advertising Campaign Is Aiming To Convey The Feeling Of Well-Being That Our Customers Experience

A sense of complete health. Feeling good and happy with yourself. Worry free life. The liberating feelling that you made the best move for...

Fact: Our DDW Is The Healthiest Because It Has A Much Lower Deuterium Content Than All Low Deuterium Foods

With 25 ppm and 50 ppm, our deuterium depleted water have the lowest deuterium content. This is a fact you must take into consideration when...

New! Our Latest Value Bundles Include 5G MicroShield EMF Protection Smart Cards!

Out latest Value Bundles include (apart from a nice saving opportunity) the outstanding & hight-tech original EMF Protection Smart Cards branded 5G MIcroShield  Save $ 25...

AURORA HEALTH AND NUTRITION – Our Exclusive Distributor In Alaska

THE EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR for HydroHealth products in Alaska is: AURORA HEALTH AND NUTRITION -Live Clean And Live Better  Dr. Robert Thompson - Phone: 907-260-6914 / Fax: 907-260-6924 Make sure...

“Magic Water” Destroys Cancer Cells. Sipping this ONE Drink is Proven to Shrink and KILL Even Aggressive Tumors

Richard Gerhauser, M.D. / Editor, Natural Health Response ”We’ve all heard the legends about the Fountain of Youth. Just a couple sips of this water,...

Dr.Thomas Cowan speech at RAAD Fest 2017

Dr.Thomas Cowan speech at RAAD Fest 2017

Dr. Thomas Cowan and James Strole: Deuterium-depleted water as anti-aging approach?

Deuterium-depleted water as anti-aging approach? Dr. Thomas Cowan and James Strole

Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer with PQQ: Energize every cell in your body!

VISIT LIFE EXTENSION and SEARCH FOR MITOCHONDRIAL ENERGY OPTIMIZER  Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer with PQQ: Energize every cell in your body! Youthful cellular energy is key to...

NEWSLETTER: The Accumulation of Deuterium in the Body and Mitochondria

THE ACCUMULATION OF DEUTERIUM IN THE BODY AND MITOCHONDRIA” The primary source used in writing this article is the information that is available through... to Launch An Entire Range of Lifestyle Beverages With Deuterium-Depleted Water

PRESS RELEASE - March 13, 2019 will launch 6 new beverages based on deuteriu-depleted water by the end of this May. The new deuterium-depleted...

15-20ppm Deuterium-Depleted Water Available In Bulk

PRESS RELEASE - March 11, 2019 Starting March 11, bulk quantities of deuterium-depleted water of very low deuterium concentration (15ppm to 20ppm) are...
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