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Think it’s a bit “pricey”? Here is why!

Producing 25 HydroHealth deuterium-depleted water means, basically, to mechanically separate hydrogen from deuterium inside an advanced technological process called “the ultra-purifying water technology”.

Although is relatively easy to create the ultra-purifying process in a scientific lab, it is very expensive to produce commercial quantities on an ongoing basis. For reference, producing 1 liter of 25 HydroHealth deuterium-depleted water is consuming a quantity of energy needed for one household for one day (world average).

You can imagine that this complex, highly technologized and highly energy consuming process is extremely costly and requires not only food grade,
state of the art equipment, but highly qualified personnel to operate the processing plant..

This is why 25 Hydrohealth looks “pricey” on the shelf. On the other hand, looking at the health benefits, it worth every penny.

No other water can reduce the deuterium levels in the body and thus helping the body efficiently fight ageing and diseases.

Producing 25 HydroHealth deuterium-depleted water is a three stage process:

  1. Buy fresh spring water and further purify it thru an advanced Reverse Osmosis process, the only purifying process that can guarantee absolute water purity.

  2. The water goes thru the really energy consuming process, the isotopic vaccum distilation, during which the extra light water, the deuterium-depleted water, is separated from the base water.

  3. Last, we remineralize the deuterium-depleted water in order to obtain the “tasteless” taste of normal, plain water.

Lifestyle and healthy drinks based on our deuterium-depleted water add new and fascinating perspectives both to the industry of beverages and to the satisfaction of the customers.

As the beneficial effects of deuterium-depleted water for the human body continue to baffle scientists and amaze customers worldwide, we stand in the forefront of developing products and technologies that explore the miracles of deuterium-depleted water.

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