15-20ppm Deuterium-Depleted Water Available In Bulk

15-20ppm Deuterium-Depleted Water Available In Bulk 1
15-20ppm Deuterium-Depleted Water Available In Bulk 2

PRESS RELEASE – March 11, 2019

Starting March 11, bulk quantities of deuterium-depleted water of very low deuterium concentration (15ppm to 20ppm) are available for sale.

Any quantity available.

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Lifestyle and healthy drinks based on our deuterium-depleted water add new and fascinating perspectives both to the industry of beverages and to the satisfaction of the customers.

As the beneficial effects of deuterium-depleted water for the human body continue to baffle scientists and amaze customers worldwide, we stand in the forefront of developing products and technologies that explore the miracles of deuterium-depleted water.

Stay tuned to our information flow by following our press releases, or contact us if you want to become a partener in our evolution.

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